Upgrade Guide

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The upgrade process consists of two steps:

1) Upgrade AA code

2) Update database structure

ad 1) Upgrade AA code

I would encourage you to upgrade the code form tho SVN, where the code is stable and current. The SVN (Subversion) repository is on SourceForge:


for download the code:

  svn co https://apc-aa.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/apc-aa/trunk apc-aa 

Or if you already have the version from svn, then you need just update:

  svn update

if the code after this command is not updated to the last version, then you are probably using some older AA branch in AA. To switch to latest AA code you can type:

  svn switch https://apc-aa.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/apc-aa/trunk

ad 2) Update database structure

The next step is to update database structure, which slightly changes time to time. For this purpose we have update script, which you can run in the browser:


The backup of scripts and DB before upgrade is strongly recommended, of course.