Field IDs with special meanings

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Controls the status of an item, i.e Approved / On Hold / Trashed. See ActionApps_Bins for more information.


Controls the date of publishing on the page. If the item is Approved, then this field controls if the item is visible or Pending.

Internaly the date is stored as timestamp in item table.

hit_1..........., hit_7..........., hit_30..........

Statistics fields holding information about item views last day/week/month. It allows administrators to display "most viewed items last day/week/month". The statistics field are not part of the slice automatically - you have to add it there. We do it on purpose, since the counting statistics is very timeconsuming task, so we count it only for the slices, where the field is added.

You can just add the fied "Hits last day", "Hits last week" or "Hits last month" on "Slice Admin" -> "Fields" page.

It makes no sense to add such field to the slice if you do not want to use it! It is no problem to add such field anytime in the future, because we store the hit log for all items, so we are able to count the statistics baskward.