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  • Have the Server Administrator create your slice and send you the login information for administrating your slice (see [#_How_to_Log Section 2.1] for more information about how to log in).
  • Configure your slice in the administrative interface. When you are first configuring your slice, refer to these sections of the manual:
  • [#_Designing_APC_ActionApps Section 3.4: Designing APC ActionApps Output]
  • [#_Creating_Input_Forms: Section][#_Creating_Input_Forms: ][#_Creating_Input_Forms: 3.6: Creating Input Forms: Working with Fields]

Note: Remember, if you are not skilled in HTML, ask your ActionApps provider to help you configure your slice.

  • Add some data and test your new slice.
  • Further configure your slice. Once you are comfortable adding items and like the Web page output, you are ready to think about organizing the workflow and categories of articles. Look especially at these sections in this manual:
  • [#_Setting_Categories Section 3.6.1: Setting Categories]
  • [#_How_to_Configure Section 3.8 How to Configure Content Pooling]
  • [#_How_to_Manage Section 3.7 How][#_How_to_Manage ][#_How_to_Manage to Manage and Modify User and Group Permissions]