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ACREG Champions Training

21 – 25 November 2005, Johannesburg, South Africa Location: Torque IT House, 5 Mellis Avenue, Mellis Park, Rivonia web:


Day 1

Understanding How to approach web projects with AA

  • The ACREG walk-through: following content through on its journey from backend input form to front-end public web page.
  • The ActionApps approach to content management and site design: The idea and the model it gives us.
  • Mapping out the relationship between the installation, the slice, the fields, the items, the views and the public website pages.
  • Factoring this into website planning and development
  • Finding your installation, setting up a simple slice.

Day 2

Getting a comprehensive understanding of How to configure fields appropriately for a range of different content and how to create easy to use input forms – building website back-end

  • Data model planning
  • Content classification - Categories, related items
  • Making data input easy – input control types and features walk-through
  • Improving item manager, using stored searches
  • Extending input form functionality with JavaScript
  • CSV data import

Day 3

Understanding Design templates - building website front-end

  • Including Views through SSI
  • Creating basic views
  • Using {} syntax, using aliases
  • Modifying template behaviour through URL parameters
  • View types walk-through

Day 4

User management, content searching, content Sharing – from many writers to many readers

  • User management, permissions, profiles
  • Creating Search Forms
  • Content sharing
  • News Feeding
  • Creating anonymous forms
  • Using the Discussions feature

Day 5

Taking Care of the Installation

  • System requirements for ActionApps
  • Upgrading to new versions of AA as they are released
  • Trouble shooting common problems
  • Backup and recovery
  • Moving on – getting support from the AA Development Community
  • Participating in the AA Development Project

Useful Links

ActionApps Documenatation

Software Downloads and setup

Firefox Web Browser (free)

A popular and fast web browser suitable for ActionApps backend Local download Original: download

UltraEdit (evaluation)

A popular text editor with syntax highlighting and FTP/SFTP support Local: download Original: download Please don't install any dictionaries:


To create a new ftp account, click on File -> Ftp -> Open from FTP -> Accounts. See the UltraEdit account setup screenshot.

Servant Salamader (shareware)

Two panels Norton Commander style file manager with FTP and SCP plugins. Local: download Original: download

To create a new ftp account, click on Right -> Change Drive -> FTP Client. See the Salamander account setup screenshot.

NVU html editor

Free WYSIWYG HTML editor Local: download Original: download

shtml page design resources

One true page layout