Multilingual Capabilities of ActionApps

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Planning Your Multilingual Site

~ToDo: Write Planning Your Multilingual Site

User Interface in several languages

~ToDo: Write User Interface in Several Languages

Is there a way to allow different users to log in to the same slice but with their own language choice?

No, it is not possible - at least yet.

 There is a problem with characters encoding and different languages. Each language uses its own character encoding (like iso-8859-1 for English and Spanish, iso-8859-2 or windows-1250 for Czech, ...). If you select language for the slice, you also select (implicitly) the character encoding. If we allow users to use different language in the same slice, each item will be in different encoding, ... which means problems.

MLX - Multilingual Extension

See MLX instructions

~ToDo: Talk to Mimo if he wants to have his docs here</aafaq>