How to Export and Import Content Items to Another APC ActionApps Slice

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How to Export Content Items to Another APC ActionApps Slice

To export your organization's content items to another ActionApps slice, there must be an established sharing relationship with the target slice. Two conditions must first be met: Your slice's administrator must have already enabled exporting to the target slice, and the target slice's administrator must have enabled importing content from your slice.

If these tasks have occurred, your news item may be exported automatically, or you can manually export it.

To manually export an item to a target slice:

  • Choose the articles to be exported by selecting the checkboxes in the Item Manager.
  • Under the Selected Items menu, select Export, then click Go.
  • Your browser opens a new window that lists the slices to which you have permission to export content. Select the slices you want to export your item(s) and click Export.

How to Import Content Items from Another APC ActionApps Slice

Similar to the process to export content, you can import content items only if four conditions are met.

You must have editor permission; the administrator of the origin slice has enabled exporting to your slice; the administrator of your slice has enabled importing from the origin slice; and the origin slice is on the same server as your slice. In future versions of ActionApps, you will be able to share content items with slices located on other servers. Visit the APC ActionApps Website regularly for updates.

If the above conditions are met, the items published in that slice will appear in your Holding bin. You can select and edit these items, then modify any field exceptFulltext.

If your administrator has set up automated import, then new items will appear in the Active folder. If not, a designated editor must approve the item, before it will appear on your Web page.