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Language Customization

How it works

ActionApps were designed with internationalization in mind. There are currently languages shipping for Czech, English, German, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish and partly Japanian. French should be on it's way.

Each language has an abbreviation used in the ActionApps configuration. The abbreviation are cz, en, ge, ro, sk, es and ja. Several constants related to encodings and other are defined in include/constants.php3.

The translations are split up into several parts. Since January 2003, the new module mini-gettext is used. See the scripts in include/mgettext.php3, misc/mgettext and the file include/lang/readme.html about mini-gettext.

There is a variable in the file config.php3 which sets the default language for your installationpoint to other files which contain language information:

# Language: uncomment one language file
define("DEFAULT_LANG_INCLUDE", "cz_news_lang.php3");

Exactly one common language file must be uncommented here. (The # character at the beginning of the line makes it a comment.)

Customizing an ActionApps to a new language

See How to create an aa in an alternate language