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ActionApps is a collaborative web publishing tool for non-profits, which is:

  • Fast & Easy: If you can fill out a form, you can publish professional-looking items online—in minutes.
  • Flexible: Automate all kinds of content—news, events, action alerts, member lists, and more.
  • Collaborative: Unique Content Pooling features help NGOs work together to save time and build audience.

ActionApps is also an open-source development platform for web applications.

Read more about its background, benefits, features and principles.You can also look at screenshots.

About this documentation

This is the place where we intend to keep the most up to date information resource about ActionApps, at present mostly in the form of documentation and examples of use. You can get general information about ActionApps and see what you can use the tool for. We have Authors and Editors Guide, Installation Guide, a quick Admin Crash Course followed by the most comprehensive Documentation for Site Administrators. Some other sections are listed below.

If you are interested in contributing your work to this resource, or you want to translate it into other languages, we love you, and please have a look at a dedicated How To Contribute document to find you how this can be best done.

Please follow links in one of the sections below:

A Quick Overview of the APC ActionApps

A Quick Overview of the APC ActionApps provides basic informations about system. You should learn if ActionApps is right system for your needs.

Installation and Upgrade Guide

Upgrade Guide gives you instructions how to upgrade AA to the newest version.

Installation Guide gives you instructions for downloading and installing the software. It is also part of the software package, but it may not be the most recent version.


SVN repository of latest ActionApps is now disponible for Download!

Note. This is not stable, and production sites should not run this code.

Warning: there is outdated information on installation from CVS (see Installation_of_ActionApps#Installing_via_CVS_for_developers). APC-AA developers now use subversion instead of CVS. APC can be installed by this command:

svn co apc-aa

Authors and Editors Guide

Authors and Editors Guide is a good reading for those who publish content on the website powered by ActionApps, where the system has already been set up. It gives a walk through day to day operations like editing content, document workflow, searching for content, switching between slices and so on.

See also some advanced content maintenance issues

Admin Crash Course

Admin Crash Course is a quick guide for the impatient who have sucesfully gone through the process of ActionApps installation. This will guide you throught the creation of a new Slice, setup of user Input Forms, and incorporation of the ActionApps output into your static pages. No rocket science, just create a simple news section and link it. You'll see roughly how it works.

Documentation for Site Administrators

Documentation for Site Administrators aims to be the most comprehensive ActionApps usage guide. It documents every feature of the software, and is intended to be used primarily by web designers/programers who use ActionApps to build dynamic, database driven web sites.


Reference is meant comprehensive summary of ActionApps functions. Use it when you know, what you need. We also link to here from other parts of documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The original ActionApps documentation has been kept in a form of Frequently Asked Questions. You may be able to dig out some useful information from there, or you simply knew where things were there, so we link to it. However, keep in mind, that documentation is no longer being maintained.

ActionApps in Action

See the original List of sites using AA.

Developers Resources

The main resource for the ActionApps developers is the Action Apps space at Source Forge. Start from there. The project has a vital support mailing list. Subscribe to the AA-general mailing list. The list is not intended to be used only by high level administrators and developers. Feel free to ask for ActionApps-related support even if you feel your queries are rather basic.

Trainers Resources

Many ActionApps administrators have developed training materials for different levels of ActionApps trainings. If you are looking for training materials or you want to suggest the ones you developed, go to the section Trainers Resources.


Ever wondered what are we talking about when we say Slice, Item, Field, Parameter, View, MLX and so on ? The ActionApps Terminology intends to give you an insight into our jargon, and provide you with links to relevant further reading.

How to Contribute

If you are interested in contributing your work to this resource, or you want to translate it into other languages, we love you, and please have a look at the dedicated How To Contribute document.

If you are not sure how to work with MediaWiki, try it out in this SandBox

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APC ActionApps Authors and editors guide credits

Developed in a joint project of APC Central European member organizations, with generous help from other APC members and staff.

  • Project coordinator: Ágoston Nagy, Green Spider Network, Hungary.
  • Additional writing: Michael de Beer, Mark Surman, Karen Higgs, Ann Tothill, Mitra
  • Original project editor: Linda Lee.
  • Project partners: BlueLink, Bulgaria; StrawberryNet, Romania; ChangeNet, Slovakia; Econnect, Czech Republic.

This manual when moved to wiki was:

  • Manual Version 1.3
  • Software Version 2.0.0
  • April 2002