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This section guides you through the typical author and editors tasks of using ActionApps. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for how to perform these tasks.

Before you can publish any content features or slices (e.g. a news section) on your organization's Web site, your Website administrator must configure the relevant sections (see [#_How_to_Set Section 3.2 “How to Set Up a Slice”]).

How to Log In


How to Navigate APC ActionApps

Top_and_Left_Navigation_Bars, Folders:_Where_Items_Appear, Navigating_Items_and_Folders, Viewing_Additional_Details

How to Add and edit items

How_to_Add_a_New_Item, How_to_Edit_an_Existing_Item

How to Export and Import Content Items to Another APC ActionApps Slice

How_to_Export_Content_Items_to_Another_APC_ActionApps_Slice, How_to_Import_Content_Items_from_Another_APC_ActionApps_Slice